Deodand (deodand) wrote,

Things I Intend to Keep Doing In 2008

Thanks Meg Fowler - I'm in the mood to steal from everyone.

1.  Laughing inappropriately loudly.
2.  Speaking to my cats in paragraphs.
3.  Playing City of Villains, in spite of the end of my friends' attention spans.
4.  Continuing the quest for the Great Rosacea Cure.
5.  Taking off my pants the minute I get home from work.
6.  Typing really hard.  Not fast - just hard.
7.  Slavishly painting my nails.
8.  Looking into other cars to see if anyone is looking at my sexy car.
9.  Saying "congratulations" to newly engaged couples and keeping my mouth shut about how I feel about the whole wedding business.
10.  Wearing "bedhead" even though it's out. 


Here is someone else's lovely photo of a car identical to mine. Shiny, no?


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