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It's Like A Cup Of Love

Dammit, Costco.  You are known as the 100 Dollar Store at my house for a reason.  Seriously, unless you are going in for a hot dog, how do you get out of there with any money left in your bank account?  And the price of everything has gone UP.  Don't let that strong dollar fool you - it's offset by the notion that it takes gasoline to get everything here, because nothing comes from here.

Anyway.  I saw Schokinag drinking chocolate on the Internets a few years ago, and it appeared at Costco this week (if you're looking for it, the tin's a little different than pictured).  Great Googly Moogly I may never be able to drink powdered hot choc again.  This stuff is like drinking a melted chocolate bar, and at 78% cocoa solids it is intense.  I sweeten mine, because drinking it with no sugar is like licking the coffee pot burner at Tim Hortons.  If you are a serious chocolate nut, I hope you get to try drinking chocolate made with melted artisanal chips/beans/beads.

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