January 5th, 2005

But It's Cold!!

I am so very, very tired of listening to people bitch about the weather. You know what? It's cold here. It's cold here every winter. Why does this come as a surprise?

You see, Alberta's economic boom has brought a lot of Canadians to Edmonton who would otherwise shun the place. Most Canadians live south of here, so the change in climate can be tough. But given a choice, I will always choose Edmonton's cold over that of the coasts. There's no big bodies of water here, so it's a dry cold. This makes a huge difference; as my Nova Scotian husband will tell you, -10C in Dartmouth is far more painful than -20C here. The humidity brings a bone-snapping aspect to the cold that just doesn't happen in Alberta.

So, to all you non-native Albertans out there, stop whining to me about how cold it is. I know it's cold, and the fact is, it's not as cold as it was a couple of decades ago. And don't tell me the summers suck either, 'cause we don't get much rain and plenty of DRY heat, which doesn't sap your strength. OK maybe just stop talking down my home, how about that?? Our charms are hidden, I will admit that, but you only have to look up to see one of them.

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