January 10th, 2005

And My VISA Number Is....

Mr. W is making efforts to reign in our uncomfortably large grocery bill. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on food for just the two of us. It's even more strange when you take into account the fact that my parents have cattle, which are butchered and placed in our freezer gratis.

The worst part of all is, when we get to the dinner hour and complain there's nothing to eat, then go and order take-out. Something's gotta give!

This is his effort because he is the family chef. Since I do everything else domestic and vehicular, he cooks meals. This is more than fair, since he likes to cook. So we are trying to plan our meals for seven day streches. You know, people with children have to do this all the time, and I wonder where they find the wherewithal. We childless ones feel free to eat KD out of the pot over the sink wearing our pajamas if we feel like it. We know we shouldn't, but we do anyway. Sooo life is going to get more civilized Chez CCS, hopefully anyway. To cement this acheivement we're also planning to have people over for dinner more often. This also ensures our bathrooms get cleaned at least once a century...

What's that? Why no, I haven't heard the word "barbarian" used in relation to my people in quite some time. But thank you, it fits.
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