January 14th, 2005

Some People

Some asshat stole my work binder yesterday while I was in The Bay in City Centre - it's basically my travelling desk drawer. It had my planograms in it, my calculator, multitool, lip balm, bandaids and masses of tissues for my runny nose, all of which can be replaced, mostly by my company. What pisses me off is that my mileage log was in there. I keep track of the mileage I drive for work, and I get a big break on my income tax, as well as getting back the GST on whatever car-related items I use for business. Fortunately it's only Jan 14th, so I only lose about a week and a half's worth of mileage. I took last year's completed mileage log out of my binder the day before, thank goodness.

I hope the shitheel who took those worthless-to-others items gets it back karma-style. There's a reason I don't carry cash or cards when I'm working, you motherfucker!
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