January 17th, 2005


Got my stolen binder back, minus the multitool and calculator. Neither of these items cost me any money, but the tool was a gift from my dad, and it's the only thing I regret losing. My mileage log was in there though! Fucking thieves, I hope they calculate their asses to hell.


Mr. W and I tried to copy the Edo Japan experience at home for a friend of ours. We got close, but our teriyaki sauce was too salty. I think they thin it out somewhat in addition to sweetening it. All that simultaneous fast frying requires six sets of hands, it was kinda exhausting.


I finally got on my ass and rebuilt my track list for my Dell DJ, now I can send it off to Mr. Steelle and he can scope out some songs. Once upon a time I did lose my list of MP3's when I was at about the 600 song mark, back in my good bad ol'Napster days. I shared a computer with Mr. W at the time, and he is really bad about archiving things, so our songs were half backed-up on unlabelled CD's. The man has some strange fear of labels, I don't know why. We have seven hundred video tapes of his, and no idea what's on them. It makes my inner librarian nutty.
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