January 24th, 2005


While driving to Costco to tidy their magazine rack this morning, I flipped the radio buttons and got Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider and the inescapable Rush. I started thinking, what would Canadian radio be without CanCon laws?

For uninitiated Americans and Canadians unsure of the rules, here is a list of what qualifies a song as Canadian Content. All media outlets that play music in any form have to play a certain amount of Canadian music per hour, or face fines. This means we get a LOT of pre-1985 music on every station except the punk-ass youth rap/metal/dance ones. I think there's been a music station playing a Rush song every minute of the day since Confederation.

I guess we should listen, after all, the government pays the artists to make this music in the first place. I wonder, do the majority of Canadians find CanCon cumbersome and weird, or do they welcome it? I'm torn between one and the other, depending on my listening mood. I mean, I like Rush and all, but My God.
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    The Tragically Hip - Fifty Mission Cap (CanCon on my DJ)