January 28th, 2005

TV Too Bad For TV

Dear People Who Are Keeping American Idol on TV:

Don't you realize, there are about 50 decent singers culled from the masses, and everyone else who's a lousy singer is on there to fuck up on purpose? When they swear they're gonna be stars, that's a thing called acting. They know they're bad, and they come on and do as bad as they can in order to be on TV. You are helping these people by watching. Why are you helping them? Why? Why?!


A "friend" of mine sent me a file the other day, he warned me about it in person. He was adamant enough to say "ALARM! ALARM! ACHTUNG!!" in his best fake German accent. He wasn't kidding.

The video, which I will do you the favour of not posting, is of a Japanese girl getting about 30 live eels inserted into her rectum. And I am helping these people by watching. Why am I helping them? Why? Why?! Actually I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds of it, it was so very nasty. My husband played it, and the mere sound of the fish was enough to make me run screaming upstairs.
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