February 3rd, 2005

Just Say Meow

I've never been much of a drug user, but Margo's a pro. A couple of pinches of the sticky icky and she's flying. I think she's developing a transdermal consumption method.


I made myself some granola from a recipe from Cooking Light magazine, the only cooking magazine I receive from the Freebie Pile. Which is really saying something if you ever think about how many cooking magazines there are out there. CL doesn't use pretentious ingredients, and they feature meals that can be prepared in half an hour. They do international cuisine, and they are health conscious, although that's not really a trait I look for in a cooking mag. Anyway, this recipe made six cups, and guess how many people in my house like granola? One. So for the next little while I'll be having everything sprinkled with it. I shall be very, very regular.

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