February 9th, 2005

Like Watching Paint Dry

I promise you don't have to read this if you don't give a shit about interior house paint. My mom used to have an interior painting business, so I got my OCD streak from her, at least on this subject.

How bored are you?

Still with me? We put a coat of tinted primer on our master bedroom yesterday. Going from near-white to dark red is one of the toughest colour transitions you can attempt, so we are proceeding with great care. Ordinarily we wouldn't think of priming perfectly good painted walls but there needs to be a step-down from white, so we don't have to do 700 coats of paint. I've seen many cases of badly applied red in my day, it has a fuschia cast to it and the roller marks are really obvious.

You might be surprised to see how far the manufacturers have taken the chemistry and technology of paint in the last five years or so. They've discovered that a gray primer will actually reveal your final colour more beautifully than a white base. So our primer was grey, with as much red as they can put in. They can't tint the primer too deeply because it dilutes its hiding power.

So, when you're painting your room dark red, what colour do you wind up with? Pink. Plummy pink. The exact pink I really hate (Sorry about the crappy res on this pic, cheap ass camera here).

But, as Mr. W says, it's not a colour, it's the possibility of a better colour. Thank you!