February 14th, 2005


It was really, really hard to send Mr. W back to work today. Unlike most wives, I actually like having my husband around. I asked him if we can take some more time off together again in the future, and he said it would take at least six months to rebuild his vacation pay. I wanted to bawl my eyes out!

Mr. W's job is fulla perks, as I mentioned, but he also gets a lot of the shit that flows downhill from the owners. Their business is travel, and travel between B.C. and Alberta is really slow because the weather has been lousy in the Rockies this year. Also the ecomony's good, which means people are staying put instead of moving. Their revenue is down, and they look to Mr. W to improve the situation when this happens, forgetting that they've told him he's not responsible for large shifts in revenue due to macroeconomics.

The other thing is, he really cares about his job and wants to make money and increase business. He needs to learn to care less, because no one he works for expects him to care. It's kind of stupid - the people whose money he controls tell him he's too passionate about his work and that he needs to relax. Then they ask him where last year's revenue went.

I promised myself when I took my job that Mr. W would be the next person to get a new job, but it's looking like I will go first yet again. The company I work for is changing a bunch of policies that are not only making it harder for me to do my job, but they are screwing their customers. This is easy in a business where the contracts are iron-clad and lengthy, and there's no competition. Maybe I'll explain it to y'all in detail when I finally quit.

Oh, and while searching for a new job, I saw my company's Employment Canada ad looking for people. They are hiring people at the salary I am currently getting after five years, and promising them more hours. This tells me it's definitely time to go.

So, in all, it's not really a happy Valentine's Day around here. I know I shouldn't complain, that things can always be worse, but it's still hard. I HATE whoring myself around for a job.
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