February 16th, 2005

Eatin' Shrimp and Watchin' Shrimp

Having lived in three of Edmonton's four quadrants, I've experienced the best and worse Chinese-style food the city has to offer. After living near the legendary Leng's in the west end, home of the best (damn) chicken ball in the world, it was tough to move to the white-bread north side with its sad lack of good restaurants of any kind.

Fortunately, a crappy sub place went under and was replaced by Wok N' Go. It's strictly takeout and delivery, and the menu's short, but what they do they do really well. All the food is prepared from scratch after you order it (this is a rarity in Chinese-style places). Their prices and portions are great, and they are Fast. They can have pickup in five minutes or be at our door in 15. We had our weekly Wor Wonton soup tonight:

I've seen wonton soup that was water, a pea, and one wonton. This stuff is pure gold, and you get 2 containers of it for $6.95. We don't even crack out a bowl anymore, just grab a spoon and hit the couch.

This place is not a franchise, but I hope they do open more locations. They deserve the rafter-packing success they've been enjoying so far. Now if we could only convince them to open for lunch...

The watchin' shrimp part is from Mr. W, who is a Lost fan, watchin' a guy in a shrimp shack get all shot up. I could never shoot a guy with fresh shrimp on the grill.
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