February 20th, 2005

This Isn't A Food Blog

It's only pretending to be one. I have a group of five friends who met once a week to play a game, and some weeks we would only sit around for hours talking about food: things we ate, hated, cooked, watched being cooked and wished we'd had the skills to cook. I don't think I've ever been friends with someone who wasn't a gourmet in their own right.

My specialty is baking. It comforts the part of me that used to be a lab tech, what with the measuring and timing and setting of dials and whatnot. I'm also really good at it, I'm not afraid to say. Too bad there's only two people living here, because that means I have to eat half of whatever delicious thing I happen to whip up.

These are a pain in the ass with the number of bowls to wash, but man are they good. They smell like a Starbucks coming out of the oven. The recipe is from Allrecipes, but I changed the chips, because semi-sweet chips in this cookie are too bitter. It makes about three dozen, and the picture is all that's left of them.
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