February 26th, 2005


Looks like another blog I really enjoy is going to turn mommy on me.

I mean, I understand that pregnancy is pretty much all one thinks about during the process, and your children are your life, but I don't think I want to stick with another blog that is nothing but "Today my kid did this" or "Today someone rubbed my belly" or "Today we went crib shopping". I happen to think plenty of mommies and daddies have rich inner lives and hobbies and opinions and thoughts that aren't related to the whole process, and I think that too many people in the world are currently blogging the heck out of the subject. Of course, it's her blog, and she will do as she pleases. That's fine.

I will stick with the blog in question a while longer, to see if she doesn't keep her hilarious edge. She's a cool person, and so witty, I think she has a chance of balancing posts about the rest of her life with mom posts. I have my fingers crossed.
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