March 3rd, 2005

Is It Friday Yet? No?

I quit my job on Wednesday.

It's been coming for a while. What happened during my vacation cemented my nagging doubts about staying with the company. I could type at this until tomorrow morning telling you every detail, but you'll get bored long before that, so I'll sum up.

- They changed my route, cutting down my hours to about 15/week. I need a job, not another hobby.

- They gave away my stores to one of the least competent merchandisers. I am one of the best and highest in seniority.

- I discovered that they're hiring people at my salary (I've been there five years).

- They've taken all semblance of actual customer service out of the job, so it had become our task to tell the customers to SUCK IT in a nice way.

- They are implementing a system which would require me to call from a pay phone whenever I arrive at a store, and again when I leave.

- I went on vacation and some of my stores didn't get serviced the entire time I was gone, meaning I had three weeks of work waiting for me when I got back.


Did I mention that Customer Service is not exactly my forte? Oh, right...I did. I ruined my own holiday by laying awake at night, dreading the day when I had to go back to work. I practically counted the minutes. When this happens, you have to ask yourself, why are you still there? After discussing it with Mr. W I spent the last week of my vacation looking for work and thinking about what I wanted to do next. I dusted off Mr. W's library card and borrowed some Office 2000 books, and downloaded some typing tutor software to brush up my skills.

The recruiter I tested with says I did quite well, which is amazing when you consider how badly my hands were shaking as I typed. So I waited for them to call with a job, and I'm still waiting. This is typical, unfortunately, this business of getting on with a temp agency and then watching your savings swirl down the drain.

It's a good thing I wasn't going to wait for them to hurry up and find me work. This Tuesday I had an interview with a sporting goods company, to replace someone being promoted out of Shipping. They really liked me and were impressed by my weird resume, so I accepted their offer. Yesterday I gave my boss my notice and she cried and gave me a hug. I think she was actually happy to see me moving to something better, which is really weird, since I've never left a job under such pleasant circumstances.

And like that, the long era of Crappy Customer Service is over. Friday is my last day. I will no longer have to deal with the public directly on a day-to-day basis for a living. This idea is still sinking in. Also, some more ideas to get used to:

- Working 40 hours a week (I know, you're going Waaahhhh poor baby, but I got a lot done around here working 25/week).

- Eating lunch away from the house

- Having co-workers (merchandisers are lone rangers, baby).

- Being at work until 5 p.m.! No more afternoon naps *sob*

- Dressing for work - no not like that silly, I wore a "uniform" of my own device because I'm covered in ink at the end of the day from lugging books & mags.
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