March 4th, 2005


Today I was driving home from my last day merchandising, and I pulled to a halt in the Victoria Park parkade. I decided to go for a walk along the River Valley, since it's 10C here and the sky was perfectly clear. I figured, I could sit at home and stare off into space, thinking, or I could go and look at something nice.

I walked east along River Valley Road and took a stroll on the Dudley Menzies Bridge. Every Edmontonian knows of the bridge, but I don't know any who've actually walked on it. Our Light Rail Transit system crosses the river on the upper deck, and the lower deck affords an unobstructed view of the valley in both directions for cyclists and peds.

Turns out, this bridge has won all sorts of design awards. Anyway, there was a mist rising off the river, and a large melted area revealed the North Saskatchewan running surprisingly clear and green. I felt so light, wonderful and stress-free on the bridge, I didn't want to ever leave. The craziness of the last week was vaporizing around me. Good thing I was alone.
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