March 16th, 2005

My Only Beer

They've brought back one of my favourite soft drinks of yore:

I haven't seen a bottle of Hires in at least a decade. Apparently, I wasn't the only one missing it, because another person in line saw my purchase, said "They have Hires?" and headed for the cooler.

I never did like Barq's root beer, it's too herbal, and I can't drink it after 8 p.m. or I'm up all night. Mug is not so hot either. A&W was the only RB of choice, until now...if only I could convince them to make diet - I'm about to spontaneously precipitate into a pile of sugar as it is.
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This is just a note to say to the MASSES, I've updated my User Info. The link is in the sidebar, just scroll down honey.
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