March 25th, 2005


Mr. W and I went out and spent a ridiculous amount of money on shoes for us, for me because I'm on my feet at work all day, and for him because he walks to pick me up. We work different hours now, and our offices are only 9 blocks apart. We only have one car, so at the end of the day he walks from his office to mine, gets in the car, and waits.

Anyway, the shoes. They're CATs, by Finning, yes that Finning that makes backhoes and snowmobiles. Their shoes are fantastically comfortable. I don't require steel toes, but it has already come in handy for my klutzy self. The only thing is that steel toes are HEAVY so my calves will be the size of large turkeys by summer.

They're laced in the Bunny Method, according to Marn, who ties her shoes this way because she wants to run long distances for some insane reason.
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