March 31st, 2005

Flaming Skulls

Today I packed an order for T-shirts for a biker gang who will remain nameless *coughhellsangelscough*. Oh well, I guess their money's the same colour as everyone else's...but our Asian shipping guy says he gets an evil stare from the guy who picks up their orders.

Included in their stuff were the first size 4XL T-shirts I've seen. The girls from the screening dept. say, "Make sure this order is ready on time. Do you really want a biker who wears a 4XL T-shirt coming after you?"

UPDATE: I read the work order for these shirts today. Apparently they had to redo them, because the reds on the shirt turned to pink under a black light. Someone wrote on the order "Apparently pink is not a great colour for these guys". Ya think?
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