April 12th, 2005

Feed The Bear

We're going to the New Asian Village tonight with some friends. Ordinarily I prepare myself by starving all day, so I can enjoy every last morsel of Indian food cooked by someone other than myself, but this time I just had to eat. We eat supper around here at 6:30 or so at the latest, and food prep is quite long with Indian so we won't be eating until 8. I'd never survive in Europe, where they eat at 8 or later; mind you, they probably eat a heartier lunch and breakfast to make up for it. Still, by 5:00 I have to stay out of the kitchen or I will snack myself to death.

So what to eat to curb your appetite now, but be ready to gorge yourself later? My favourite appetizer from home is sundried tomato pesto on baguette slices. Or pate, the food of the gods. If I died from eating pate, it would be the happiest death ever. I can put back an entire brick at a party if no one's watching me, and that's including toast points!
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