April 15th, 2005


One more thing to get used to about the new job: working with women again.

It's been about a decade, all things said, since I worked in a mostly female enviroment where I am seeing the same people day in and out. I forgot how much GOSSIP passes the lips of women once they reach a certain population. One of my coworkers, we'll call her C., was telling me another person at the company phoned C.'s mother-in-law to ask if C. was pregnant. Of course, C. *is* newly pregnant and didn't wish anyone to know about it since it's been less than a month. The really sad part is, she hadn't told her MIL yet. So now, not only was her MIL told by a third party, but she had to tell everyone else in the company about it to stop the rumour mill.

And why was this asshole coworker calling C.'s MIL to ask about this? Why, she thought C. looked like she'd put on a few pounds.

Remind me why most of my friends are men???
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