April 17th, 2005

Boring Garden Bones Post #1

Now that the sun's come around to my way of thinking, I spend a lot of time in the garden. I know most of you who live closer to the equator are well on your way, but around here we're just getting ready for planting season.

We bought our house in February 2003, which means the backyard was a mystery under three feet of snow. We witnessed the horror as the snow melted. The previous owners had a large dog who had free reign, and they left about 18 months' worth of dog shit all over the place. Each one was bigger & badder than you can make on your worst day, and they stank, too. The grass was completely killed, the pathetic flower bed had been left to ruin, and the area all around the house was sunken in, causing a small moat to form once the snow melted.

So, what to do? We borrowed my father-in-law's rototiller and tilled under the entire yard after picking up the disgusting amount of crap. Boys & girls, it was even in the kids' sandbox Eeeeewwwww!! Then we pulled out the sunken bricks, graded the area and laid a cobblestone patio. We are NOT home renovation experts but it turned out quite well, and it's one of my proudest acheivements. It's also a testament to the positive educational power of teh intarnet, since I reserached how-to's instead of surfing pr0n for once.