May 7th, 2005

Black, Please

So Shauny was writing about tea, which reminded me of a conversation I had at the post office.

My mom lives in the Ungodly North of Alberta, where, despite its astonishing tar-sand cash influx, one cannot get a decent cup of tea. She sends me her empty tins and I have them refilled at Steeps. No shitty stem-filled tea powder for us! Anyway, the conversation between the post-office lady and myself turned to the contents of my package.

She went on to describe her visit to her son in the US, where *gasp* they don't drink hot tea. I guess she got a nasty look whenever she ordered it, as in, "You want that Hot? Ewwwwww." Is this really true? I think it's bogus, there's plenty of hot tea-drinkers Down There, it's just that they don't do it in public. I guess we can excuse the south, where it's probably just too damn hot to drink it that way. But what about the bit at the top? Sometimes it's colder there than it is here!
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