May 15th, 2005

You Want How Much For That?

Gimme books, gimme cheap cheap books.

Spending five years in the book industry makes it even harder to pay full price for books. I knew some nice people at my old job, but the only thing I really really miss is my free books & mags. Now that I have to pay just like the rest of you suckers, I'm down to one magazine a week and I still have the shakes two months later!

I've always shopped at second-hand bookstores because I could get lots of out-of-print goodness there. Now I shop there because I'm goin' against the MAN, whomever he is. That bastard that charges $50 for Judy Garland's biography, I mean what the hell??? I want to read it, but I don't want to take out a second mortgage.

What's that? Go to the library, you say? Ah. I want the freedom to read MY books on MY schedule, thank you very much. And anyway, $2.50 per paperback at the Wee Book Inn isn't so bad. But I may have to go and renew my card for Judy's sake.
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