May 24th, 2005

Buying, Briefs

OK, so here's a brief bit about Target Canada: there isn't any.

We are aware of the goodness that is Target, and we love to shop there whenever we make a run for the border. We want Target. We need Target. But we can't have Target, at least not yet...

What we do have is Zellers. It's our national (summer) pasttime to bitch about how awful Zellers is. The stores are generally dirty, understocked and poorly managed (unless you work at a Zellers, in which case yours is the one nice one). About 18 months ago, the majority of the Hudson's Bay Company's shares were purchased by an American numbered company (HBC owns Zellers). This company is owned by the same people who own Target.

Target's proprietary brands started showing up in Zellers about a year ago. It is the hope of many Canadians that all Zellers stores will one day be replaced by Targets. Zellers employees keep a regular tab on the situation, watching for the Target symbol in their daily correspondance, shipping manifests etc. Most stores have an informal betting pool going as to when the change will take place. The rumour mill cranks up once a year to say "any day now", but it never happens!

Oh Target, when will you come rescue us from shopping banality?
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