June 1st, 2005

Geek Certificate

OK, here's some of my screenshots from City of Heroes, featuring my hero The Glorious Swing Shift. As I mentioned, she's an eight-foot tall albino Defender. She was a lab technician for a Paragon City company that developed hero enhancements, when her company decided to sponsor one of its employees as a hero. The Rikti invasion was destroying the city, and they needed all the superheroes they could get, so she volunteered. She spent her nights at the lab inside a nuclear reactor, which gave her various radiation-based healing abilities as well as gigantism and albinism (which requires glasses to protect her pink eyes). Her co-workers chose the name Swing Shift to show that she's a working class gal who can also protect the innocent!

The second image below shows SS in her Supergroup costume. She is part of The Influential, which is a supergroup devoted primarily to fighting the Circle of Thorns, a magical bunch of villains that need to be arrested in the worst way...

Oh yeah, she can fly too, isn't that handy for getting around?

Higher security-level heroes get the right to wear additional costumes. This is a great advantage for fashion plates like SS...

Maybe if you guys care I'll see if I can't find some combat shots as well as portraits of the other members of The Influential (which consists of Mr. W and our fellow COH-playing friend).

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