June 25th, 2005


Too bad you didn't surf by earlier today - I had a self-portrait as my default LJ photo. The thing is, I couldn't stand the sight of my own face in the upper right of every LJ page, on every LJ comment and on this website as well. I figure, if you want to see me you can find my bloody Gravatar or talk to me on Flickr, my face is all over the damn place in those places.

I had MAJOR issues about putting my tiny lil face in those places too, but I decided to suck it up a be a man woman about it. Everyone else does it.

Maybe I should go in for shock therapy and take a giant pic of myself under fluorescent light, then stick it full size here so y'all can see every pore.

Or maybe not.
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    Amadou et Mariam - La Realite