June 27th, 2005

Not Again.

In the last month, I've found out that two of my friends are getting divorces. They're people I don't see very much anymore, so I don't know much about the circumstances. I do know that, at the wedding of the second pair, Mr. W and I turned to each other and said,"Six months, tops". They lasted two years. This is about average among our circle.

Of all the people Mr. W and I know, only one other couple besides ourselves has married and stayed married, and they're only on their third anniversary. Everyone else who's been married has divorced.

Sometimes people wonder why a married person such as myself has a terrible attitude towards marriage. This is why! It seems like everyone I know who's married is miserable. Mr. W and I have had many long discussions about why we're still rock solid after nine years when our friends can barely outdo J. Lo. And our conclusion? We really don't have a fucking clue. Sorry folks. The stars just seemed to align themselves very well the day we met.
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