July 23rd, 2005

Ugly Times

For a while there, because of the Liana White case, people were thinking there was a newly made serial-killer in our neighbourhood (PDF file). For some reason, I really didn't give the slightest thought to her husband as a suspect until they announced his arrest. I asked Mr. W if he was concerned about me in any way, hoping to clear up any of his concerns.

"Not really" he said. "You walk, talk and act like you're about to kick someone's ass anyway, no one's going to take you for a victim. Besides, you're much too uhhhh..."

"Large?" I helpfully provided.

"Let's say tall."

He's got a point. I'm as big as an average man, only woman-shaped. However, he did stick Bruce Lee's Fighting Method into my backpack. Perhaps he thought I could pull it out and whack an assailant over the head with it, or perhaps start a discussion group.
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