July 29th, 2005

Pass The Clarified Butter

Mr. W was watching TV tonight and I scared the crap out of him by walking up behind him and screaming "HOOO-leeee SHEEEYIT!"

On the TV screen, Iron Chef Japan was tearing a section of crab meat out of a leg. This piece of meat was the size of a steak. Thus I discovered the Matsuba Crab.

I know a lot of people who despise seafood. I know a lot more who believe that lobster is the pinnacle crustacean, but I have always preferred the ugly buzzards of the sea. Someone once said to me, "They feast on dead corpses, you know."

"Well, that happens to make them especially tasty," I replied. "Corpse-a-licious!" (Then I wonder why I don't have any friends.)

So, a pilgrimage to Japan to eat a crab the size of a bread box is in order. Bet I can't eat just one!
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