August 11th, 2005

And Use A Realistic Amount Of Butter While You're At It

Why do you guys keep doing things to your Kraft Dinner? Why won't you just eat it as God intended? This means, of course, that you must make it the Long Way, as opposed to the Short Way. That's right, boil the water on the stove like the primitive you are. It's not as easy to control your noodles in the mic.

I made it exactly as the Short Way instructions suggest, and the noodles were digustingly soft. Is it me, or doesn't anyone in North America eat their pasta al dente anymore? Not that I want to get highbrow about bloody KD or anything... I can hear you all complaining to a waiter in an authentic Italian restaurant that your pasta is too hard. It took me five years to adjust Mr. W to the slight resistance at the centre of the pasta. How long will it take me to convince the rest of you?

And is it true that Americans don't call it Kraft Dinner anymore?
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