August 24th, 2005

Guys Can Skip This Post

I've been trying to remember to blog about this subject, but I keep forgetting about the best medical decision I ever made in my life:

Three years ago I got an IUD.

As the website states, my family is the "Right Size", meaning just the two of us. I wanted to have my tubes tied at the age of 29, but no doctor would do it for me. Apparently they were afraid I was going to change my mind, ha ha! The Pill was making me sick and crazy and jacking my blood pressure so high my doctor was worried about a stroke or heart attack.

I did my own research on an alternative means of birth control, and presented this option to my doc, who wrote me a scrip. I then found out the little bastard cost $500, which I didn't have. It also wasn't covered by my drug plan, which is even more ridiculous when you consider the cost of five years' worth of Pills. My most excellent and understanding gynecologist wrote to the makers of Mirena and got me one for free! Aren't they awesome?

I had to go under general anesthesia to have it put in, since I've never been pregnant and my uterus is springy like a 16-year-old's. That part definitely sucked, since I was convinced I would die from anesthetic poisoning, but the nice nurse pumped me full of Valium before the procedure and I was OK.

The first six months were really difficult. After all, my uterus has been home to absolutely nothing, and now it's got some car part stuck in there. The inital pain was unbelievable, like being dragged apart by horses. But that all subsided, my blood pressure dropped to normal and I got on with it. Oh, and by the way, I have no more periods! Oh yes, I am so very thankful.

I know, people have all kinds of crazy thoughts surrounding IUD's. The horrible stories from the 70's are true, but that shit doesn't happen anymore. The Mirena has been in use in Europe for over a decade and no one's freaking out. So if you want to not worry about getting pregnant for five whole years, think about it.
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