August 26th, 2005

At Work...

Our receiver quit last Monday, just walked out the door with no notice. The owner of the company called up our old receiver, who wasn't working at the moment, and asked him to step in for a week or so while we find someone new.

Now I'd heard rumours about what a nutty crazy guy this person was, but I tend to think people exaggerate with such stories. There is no way they could've exaggerated this guy!

He's a hard-core pot smoker and doer of low-level drugs such as weed, and completely unapologetic or secretive about it. He's also very sociable and charming and somewhat insane. He's a big karaoke fan, so he sings at the top of his lungs as he works. He makes certain to sing the wrong lyrics to every song. My office is next to the shipping-receiving area, so my phone calls to suppliers are punctuated with background items like "GLY-cer-EEEENNN...don't let the DAAAYYYSS GOOO BYYYY-AYEEEE!!!!"

Today he came in still high from a party with a friend who is a singer. They went out to Holy Cross Seminary School in St. Albert with 48 no-name beers after eating a bunch of magic mushrooms in a local bar. High on mushrooms, beer and hash, they generally wreaked havoc on Edmonton's richest bedroom community until 4 a.m., then he stumbled in the door at 8:30 smelling like a hobo who slept in a ditch. He then managed to complete his work while dogfucking the entire day away, which is amazing really when you think about it, isn't it?

He came into my office at 10, laid down on the floor and had a nap for 10 minutes. I met this guy four days ago and he's sleeping off a Thursday night bender at my feet, and I had to laugh. My face is still sore from laughing at the crazy stories he told all day. I was ready to hate him when we met, because he's a trust-fund child of privilege, but I just can't.

Now, this guy is a guy who should have a blog. He has enough stories for years to come, and is making more as we speak. Ugh, I'm boring!
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