August 30th, 2005

Fucking Construction

Driving up here near the permafrost line is always such a joy, even in the summer. You see, since construction and repairs can only take place for six months of the year, the city goes fuckin' crazy building and fixing all it can until the snow flies. This means the entire Greater Edmonton Area is under construction from melt until frost.

Edmonton is mostly easy to get around - we are famous for our easily navigated addresses. About 75% of the city is laid out grid-style, so the streets are numbered in order. This is a very British way of doing things, and if you ask me they got it right the first time. But the tough part is when the city puts construction on EVERY ROAD THAT GOES TO YOUR HOUSE. I mean every fucking road! Come on you sons a bitches, can't you leave one road until next year? No?? Fuck you!

The construction on the road I use most is the one that really chaps my ass. It's the major connector from St. Albert, a bedroom community of 60 000, to Edmonton. It's a pissy ass little two lane road with no shoulders, so when anything needs to be done they close the road for about five kilometres, bringing our quadrant to a dead halt. And the first time you discover the road is closed is when you drive up a looonng road with no turning a-fucking-round, then you see a cop car parked crossways on the road. No warning signs, no nothing. On Saturday I had to take a ten kilometre bypass to get to my home, two kilometres away.

Fucking construction.
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