September 8th, 2005


I just realized that every room in my two-storey house contains something from IKEA. Is that wrong? I feel like if Chuck Palahniuk ever met me, he would shake his head in shame.

I was there on the weekend, bright and early. I've discovered that going before 10:00 gets you through the place ahead of the $1.00 breakfast crowd. I dropped $190 before telling myself to fucking STOP! I get a head rush just walking in the place. I have worked so hard all my life to not be a materialist but this place seems to push all my buttons. After all, everything is cheap & well-designed and everything goes with everything else. Plus, I love to assemble. And it's 100 times worse when I'm there alone. I am a sick, sick person.

Good thing it takes an hour to drive there from my place. If I lived any closer we would be nearing bankruptcy.
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    Annie Lennox - Money Can't Buy It