September 12th, 2005

City Hick

This last weekend I went to see my parents' proto-retirement home. They've retired to the wilds of Saskatchewan (my brother explains the circumstances under the heading "Economics: it's all in the family"). They will eventually participate in my uncle's hobby ranch, raising Black Angus beef that melts when it hits the tounge.

Right now, they are living in a trailer mobile home until next year, when their prefab house will arrive and drop onto a foundation. So it's just the two of them, sharing a section with two other people and some cattle. Sounds boring to some, I know, but it's been my dad's dream to live in his birthplace again for a long time. So I am officially a country girl by association.

The best part about going out there is that my parents, aunt & uncle all have ATV's. Mr. W and I borrow two, my parents hop on the other two, and we drive around looking at all the cool stuff in the wilderness. Most people associate Saskatchewan with unchanging prairie flatness, but the part where my parents live is ridiculously hilly and covered in rocks, and there's always lots of new flora and fauna to see. My father also makes an excellent tour guide because of his love of the area.

The ATV I rode was way overpowered and had a push button shifter. This $8000 monstrosity was so smooth and fun! I gotta get me one. Mr. W spends most of the time up on two wheels, screaming around the corners or doing doughnuts. I'm a hell of a lot more sensible, since I think about falling off and landing on a boulder most of the time. I didn't need to go over third gear...and this puppy's got five.

Eventually I'll have some pictures and I'll put them on Flickr, whenever my Mom gets her Intarnets working. You can see Mom turning into a farmer, complete with her shiny new bib overalls.
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