October 1st, 2005

No, the OTHER Comment Whore

Here's a public announcement: I delete at least 60% of all comments I attempt to make on your weblog. I visit about 30 blogs regularly, and about five or so daily. Plus I click your links and visit your friends. Fortunately I'm also a fast reader with a phat cable connection, so this doesn't take more than 45 minutes or so. You see? This is what happens when you don't have kids. Your life is full of so many more USEFUL causes.

So anyway, I love to comment. I believe a blog is a long-distance attempt at discussion, and you can't have a discussion with yourself (in spite of my efforts at it). So I will talk back. I know you appreciate it, because I don't go around flaming everyone; I only try to submit a comment when I have something to say that hasn't been already said. Which is why I delete a lot of my comments at the halfway point. I am my own most severe editor.

Sometimes I see how many comments I submit in a day and it embarrasses the fuck out of me. Someone could follow my trail of cyber-breadcrumbs and shake their head in shame at how much I love to listen to the sound of my own keystrokes.
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I am participating in Kristine's Stuff Portrait Friday on Saturday because I discovered an Old Navy coupon in my purse that was set to expire today, and since my car is in Mr. W's possession, I hadda go emergency shopping. Can't pass up a bargain on cheap third-world manufactured clothing, everyone!

1. Something in your house that isn't where it should be:

Tabs loves laundry, especially straight out of the dryer. If it's in a pile she will burrow down until only a tip of silver-stripe tail is sticking out. Why is it only my white cat that does this?

2. Something you broke, but kept:

I dropped this TV from about three feet up. Mr.W is certain it will start a fire the next time I try to use it. I say, well, your dad's a fireman, and we have lots of fire extinguishers.

3. Something you have in your house but never eat or drink:

Mr. W is a hard core Pepsi addict. I've tried to help wean him off, then I tried duct taping his mouth shut and giving him IV Ringers for fluid balance. Neither method worked. His dentist dresses him down every time he sees him about adult bottle-mouth syndrome, but still no luck. I can't drink it much because it makes me fat. Uh, I mean fatter.