November 1st, 2005


Why is every restaurant advert saying tangy? Tangy? Tangy? What *is* tangy, anyway??

Tangy adj.
1. Having a distinctively sharp taste, flavor, or odor, as that of orange juice.
2. Having a distinctive quality that adds piquancy

Piquancy, eh?

Piquant adj.
1. having an agreeably pungent taste [syn: savory, savoury, spicy, zesty]

Not really that helpful. I guess it's one notch away from sour. Personally I love tangy food, but some places interpret tangy as spicy as fuckin get-out. How does one avoid being rudely surprised? How does one ask for their money back on the basis of insufficient tang? When do the perverted jokes involving the word "tang" begin?
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