November 4th, 2005

Bury In Haste

Today it snowed. Today I also planted 50 tulip bulbs - just dug a big trench and tossed them in. This was all after sundown of course, and on a foggy night. Don't you just love a procrastinator? I'm sure my neighbours love it when I go out in the yard at night with a spade and dig a long, narrow hole. They'll be looking for Mr. W in the morning.


It's Stuff Portrait Friday again, and I got up off my lazy ass to particpate. I didn't take a picture of my doormat because it's just a plain black square and would bore you into a vegetative state.

Your Rug:

OK it's a *carpet* but don't get picky. You can see that Tabitha loves to pose for photos. This is my living room carpet that I hate so much, I have been itching to rip it out with my bare hands for almost three years now. Yes, it's pink, a thoroughly disgusting nauseating horrifying humiliating pink. Unfortunately we can't afford to replace it yet, but now that THE CAR IS PAID OFF I can start saving for my cork floor.

Your Favourite Socks:

This is my first pair of toe socks. What, you say, you grew up in the 70's and never had toe socks?? Yes that's right my parents were quite abusive in the not buying of novelty foot coverings dept. I love toe socks. You can see that Tabs had to be in this one too, she threw me off balance and this was the result.
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