November 10th, 2005

It's Friday Somewhere

I'm posting a day early, because it feels like Friday. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day; work is closed so we can think about how when there was an unwinnable hill, or heavily armoured beach, they sent the Canadians in first because they could handle it.

Anyway. Back to the festivities...

The last thing you bought for yourself:

I get to look at apparel catalogues all day long at work, and I have a deep discount. Today I bought myself a Soft Shell jacket, it's the latest thing in techno sportswear. It's a smooth shell with micro fleece bonded to the inside, so it's warm, light, waterproof and windproof. I still cannot get on the Polar Fleece bus, maybe because I'm not a fuzzy person. You can tell I had a rough day at work because my lips are dark - that's what happens when my brain overheats.

The last thing someone bought for you:

Mr. W has to have pizza once a week or he dies.

Your wallet:

My two favorite cards are front and centre: My Canadian Blood Services card, Silver for 50 donations, and my Warp One discount card, which proves that I have become a true comic geek.
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