November 20th, 2005

Toast Posties

* I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this morning. It was the best movie that's ever been ruined for me. The child sitting behind me kicked my headrest so hard my head bounced throughout the movie. I spoke to her directly about it and she stopped for about 20 minutes. She also grabbed a handful of my hair twice as she changed seats. This constitutes one of the last theatre-going experiences of my life, since this is not the first time I've been everything but ass-raped at the movies. Sorry for the language, but I feel strongly that other people are complete shits. This child was with her parents, by the way. Why pay $11 for torture? I'll wait for the DVD.

* I was also nearly killed by my kitchen. A frying pan decided to fling itself toward my head from above and my fingers were smashed by a porcelain Easter candy dish. Are we having fun yet?

* However, I did also discover the Canadian alternative to Cheetos. These are made with Cheddar and Romano cheese, so they have a sharper taste and a cleaner, less chemical finish. I wish I could send every American one Pleeser, but alas, the bubble envelopes would bankrupt me.

* When did Sobey's start with the Diet Apple pop?? Yum!
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