November 28th, 2005

A Prize For Breeders?

Mr. W won a three-day trip to Jasper at his Christmas party. This was the highly-coveted prize that caused 225 employees to show up this year. This is a journey into the heart of Alberta Tourism Central, what with the crystal clear lakes and REAL mountains, not those half-ass things they have back east. So now my next question is:

What the FUCK are we gonna do for THREE days in fucking JASPER??

Let's see, Mr. W skis but I don't. We have to go before the end of April, so no summery fun stuff like hiking. And everything else there is crazy expensive, so they can shuck some money off the tourists whose oil dollars we haven't gotten yet, like the Japanese. For some reason they adore Jasper. So????? We could basically stay in the hotel room and shag like rabbits for three days, but seriously now, we've been married for nine years! So it would be more like renting videos and eating ribs. God are we boring.

Plus, no computer, and certainly no white-hot dual gaming laptops. We may go into matching catatonic trances.

We're more pumped about our choice of free rental vehicle.
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