December 19th, 2005

So The Bartender Lived? The Bartender Never Gets Killed!

I will NOT be sick for Christmas this year. Last year we were so fucking sick. I haven't been at my job a year yet, so no extry vacation for me till March! I am powering thru a giant bottle of hand sanitizer, even using it on my phone & keyboard at work.


Had Christmas I this weekend with the in-laws, and holy shit they went and bought this, and now I guess I better get mixing right? Homemade marshmallows and pie crusts oh my!

Plus a TON of chocolate. Then I get to work today, and all the suppliers are delivering their Xmas ass-kissing to my boss with even more chocolate. It's this time of year that I get a craving for salty snacks, maybe because of candy overload.


What should we do for New Year's? Mr. W doesn't dance, and isn't a big drinker. Yes, I married a Huguenot...anyway, I'm thinking about going to a restaurant that's throwing a special meal type thingy.
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