December 23rd, 2005

Grudgingly Administered Tidings

And while you will not catch me changing my blog to red & green, or participating in various popular Christmas traditions, there are some things that come around at this time of year that I relish. Naturally, they involve food.

You have to strike into the heart of my home to find the sole Christmas decoration: Chicken Milk.

Christmas time brings the copper Bernard Callebaut box around once again. People who know me well know that my addiction to chocolate is essential to understanding me. I can't get by with a Snickers bar anymore; cheap chocolate tastes like I'm licking the gutters of my house (I imagine!). But Bernard is really too expensive for everyday, so my understanding family usually lays in a supply for me at Christmas and my birthday. I'm not sure if God exists, but I bet he has his arm around Mr. Callebaut right now. And I thank him for deciding to live in Alberta.
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