January 20th, 2008

"You're Going to Sephora?? *Squee*"

I finally visited the new Sephora store in West Ed on Saturday.  I'd been dying to go since it opened, but I a) Didn't have the money and b) Hate West Ed.  My boss gave me a small gift certificate for Christmas and had been pestering me to get in there, already.  I also had to go without Mr. W, who, although he is a patient man, has limits.

I felt the store was rather busy but I was told at the cash register that it was a really slow day.  Consider myself warned not to go again on a Saturday; I will not push my luck.  They were out of a lot of the things I wanted, like a great royal blue nail polish, but I managed to spend a significant amount of money without really trying.  I finally got that glass nail file I'd been coveting, and a bottle of Bliss Lemon Sage Conditioning Rinse among other things.  I never, ever splash out on hair products because I have virgin hair that's pretty well-behaved.  I use $5 hair putty, $5 hairspray, $5 shampoo and $7 conditioner.  This stuff together costs only a little bit more than just the one bottle of Bliss conditioner, so it better work but good.

So in sum, I spent some money and didn't kill anyone in the Mall - though I felt the rage rising the more I stayed in there so I got out.  Here are my impressions:

1.  I'm always shocked by how much money you can spend if you really want to.  I saw tiny bottles of skin cream running up to $200, and you'd probably get through 30 days with it.  As much as I want to solve my various skin problems, I couldn't bring myself to spend that much - even if I could afford it. 

2.  There were a lot of beautiful women in there.  If you ever want to feel ugly, go in.  Especially when no one wants to help you after you've been in there for half an hour.  Mind you, I suffer from similar invisibility problems elsewhere.  But I saw a girl who obviously worked there rocking some major drag-queen level drama makeup, and she carried it off nicely.

3.  I wasn't sure if Female Vibe "A" or Female Vibe "B" was going to dominate.  You know what I'm talking about, right?

Vibe "A" = Here's my sistas, we're all in this together ladies. You look great honey, you are *wearing* those shoes, I tried that eyeliner and loved it etc.

Vibe "B" = Get your fucking hands off the last jar of brown sugar scrub, you bitch.  Your clothes aren't as nice as mine, too bad for you.  I'll stand on your foot to reach the top shelf if I have to.

I'm always on the lookout for Vibe "B", because that's my cue to exit fast.  There wasn't much of it, but I can see how Vibe "B" can take over on a busy day.  I didn't feel Vibe "A" either.

4.  Something clicked in me as to how silly the concept of the whole store is, or for that matter, the whole beauty business.   I can't take it seriously at all anymore.  I like to play with makeup but I never felt it would catch me a man or make me a better person, and I think that young, impressionable women do think these things.  This is one more reason to be glad I'm not young anymore.