Deodand (deodand) wrote,

Crappy Customer Service

Yes, I mean it today. My boss phoned me at home to tell me she's moving me to a different position in the company tomorrow. I'm swapping with the lady I was hired to replace, she's going back to her original job. This is all because I suck at it.

The situation was a bit of a bait-and-switch from the start. The lady who interviewed me was sweet and funny, but the lady I actually worked for until today was a hard assed bitch. They also basically threw me into the job with a small amount of training, and then had a meeting to discuss it whenever I fucked something up. I never really fucked anything up really too badly - it was just a lot of small mistakes. Just general incompetence, I guess, which is the same old thing I've been dogged with for the rest of my working life. I really try my hardest to learn and keep up with a new job, and it doesn't work out.

I could smell something on the wind at work today. I've learned to trust my nose to tell me when these kind of changes are coming; it's unfortunate that I actually have practice at this kind of thing. I knew I'd pushed the bait-and-switch boss's buttons too many times in the last couple months by not working up to her standard, and I somehow knew that she was meeting with my real boss to resolve the situation. I wonder if she asked my real boss to fire me. It wouldn't be the first time for that, either.

I feel like such a loser and a retard today. No matter how much of my heart and mind I put in, no matter how careful I am, I always wind up in this situation.

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