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So, I'm Not A "White" Girl

I wore makeup to work today.

I haven't had a job where I could wear makeup since 1993. Between working in a clean lab where any particles weren't allowed, to working in a machine shop where I got blasted with slag grindings, I haven't had the option.

I do like to wear it when I'm going out, but I'm not really a full-face gal. I like a little eye stuff but too much makes my eyes and nose water. And I'm still trying to figure out how to wear foundation, for God's sake I'm 32, shouldn't I have this figured out by now? But here's the catch: I'm the human equivalent of a calico cat. You wouldn't know it from my Gravatar, but I have many many freckles like a redhead. I also have a slight case of rosacea that really pisses me off. So what colour am I, exactly? If I get one colour of foundation, it makes something else on my face stand out, and then I look like I'm wearing flesh coloured putty on my head instead of looking like Jennifer Garner or something.

So anything more than lipstick makes me feel like an inadequate loser, but I do try. I tried today and my face felt dirty all day long. And why would I want to get up at six a.m. to do my face? Fuck it, I'm going back to the bare look.


Happy (?) Memorial Day to my American readers. Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians. To you poor bastards that don't have the weekend off, you have my sympathy.

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