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Fight, Or Fuck?

Let's say I know a married couple that fights a lot in public. I certainly hope that you aren't a member of these couples, but if you are, let me say it for you one time....

No one wants to watch you fight.

Seriously, even if it's just about who didn't roll up the garden hose or who took the last peanut butter cup, leave it for home time. My philosophy is that Mr. W and I are a team, and a team doesn't show their faults to other teams on the field. Sure, we tease each other and stuff but I refuse to allow any witnesses to our actual disagreements. Mr. W also feels this way. I think some people who meet us are strangely put-off by our civilised discourse.

Yes, civilsed, because I also don't believe in public displays of affection. Keep that kissing and fondling shit the hell away.

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