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Everyone's A Fucking Critic

There's this guy at work whose desk is far away from mine, but by a trick of the walls I can hear almost everything he says. He spends a lot of time talking about music, and I discovered on Friday that he also works at HMV, so he assumes that he knows more about music than everyone else.

His department takes turns uploading music and playing DJ for their little area, so they can all hear something they like during the day. However, he feels the need to voice his opinion about every choice. It goes something like this:

- You like Band X?
- OMG I can't believe you listen to this. It's soooo derivative. Is this as good as it gets in your collection?
- Band X was great until they got a contract and started imitating Famous Band Y. I guess you like all those other losers too.
- Listen to their chord choices! That is soooo 1980.
- (When something written before 1990 comes on) My parents like this garbage.

What it boils down to is, if you like a piece of music that anyone else in the world likes, that piece of music is garbage and, by association, so are you. He listens to obscure bands from Frankfurt who only play acoustic instruments. Apparently these are the only bands who are acceptable not only to his ear, but to the ears of the world.

Someday I'm going to snap and say How can you argue so much about a matter of TASTE? How can you be so negative to your friends who also have sopisticated tastes, and are willing to listen to whatever YOU like? Maybe you should give the rest of the world the benefit of the doubt ! I mean, I can't fucking stand Britney Spears, she makes my ears bleed! But a big bunch of people, many of them perfectly respectable, like her enough to give her their hard-earned money. I am chalking this up to a difference of opinion over ART and I am not making these people out to be monsters in every other aspect of their lives.

And here's an idea...instead of criticizing everyone else's poor choices, why don't you go and make some music of your own? Dumbass!

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