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Crappy Customer Service

"The Commenter's Blog"

I'm a 34 year-old Scottish Canadian female living in Edmonton, Alberta, in a mortgaged-to-the-hilt two storey house on the North (bad!) side of the river. The other occupants of this house are my husband Mr. W (whose last name I did not take, thus the name)and my cats Margo and Tabitha.

I'm currently an apparel buyer for a large sportswear company here in Edmonton. This is vastly different from my previous career paths, which include being a machinist, a cancer researcher and a magazine wholesaler rep. Buying seems to fit me; I get a shamefully happy feeling when spending great gobs of other people's money, and I'm good at it - I discovered my photographic memory only works on apparel catalogues, like some kind of idiot savant. I never thought I'd make a paper pusher, but here I am.

My darling husband and I spend a childish amount of time playing video games, downloading music, eating on the couch and leaving socks everywhere. We live like a couple of twelve-year-olds, and we like it that way.

The original force behind this blog is to not be a creepy lurker. I spend about an hour daily reading others' blogs, and I comment a lot. I found that people don't really take comments seriously unless they are made by another blogger, so I figured I'd better join the parade.

Here are some things I will promise you:

There will be very little excitement.

I will never, ever write about what I dreamt last night.

I will also never write about what happened on last night's reality TV shows.

The only tykes in my photos will be furry.

My life is utterly ordinary, and you will be taking CCS as a sleeping pill within the week if you stay.